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Make Up Services 

ALL make up provided (Lipstick, Lashes, Foundation etc.)

Full Face- $55 (Natural)

Full Face- $65 (Full Beat face)

Eyes only- $35 (Lashes included)

Face only- $35



http://[ssa_booking type=hair-appointment]


                                                                       EVENT PACKAGES: Please email for event package pricing

                                      • A. Wedding Day
                                      • B. Bridal Party
                                      • C. Girls Night Out
                                      • D. Pamper Parties
                                      • E. Sweet 16’s
                                      • F. Prom and More

                Hair Services: Please email if there is a service that you would like and do not see!

  1. Braid pattern for sew in (Braids Only)- $30+
  2. Twists (natural hair)- $65+
  3. Sew In Take Down- $25
  4. Wig take down- $25+
  5.  Full Sew In (With closure)- $85+
  6. Full Sew In- (With leave out)- $80+
  7. Quick Weave (cap)- $65+
  8. Lace front install (Lace front only)- $35+
  9. Lace Front (sew in)- $95
  10. Lace front (glue in)- $95
  11. Create a wig for you (bring your bundles, I will make your wig)- $45
  12. Create a wig for you (you bought DGX bundles and want a wig made)- $30 10B. You bought DGX bundles and want a wig made and installed- $80
  13. Wig install (bring your wig, I install it, your hair is already braided)- $50
  14. Wig install (bring your wig, I install it, your hair is NOT already braided- $65
  15. DGX wig install (FREE install with ANY DGX wig purchase, Does Not apply if I create he wig )- $0
  16. Highlights/ Color/ Dye on natural hair- $30
  17. Highlights/ Color/ Dye on weave hair- $40
  18. Wash and Blow Out- $40
  19. Wash, Blow out, Style- $50
  20. Relaxer/ Perm (I DO NOT RECOMMEND but will give you what you want!)- $35


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